Polity Daily Quiz 41


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#1. Consider the following statement in the context of Indian polity: 1. The regulating act 1773 was the first step taken by the British government to control and regulate the affairs and East India Company. 2. The regulating act 1773, designated governor of Bengal as governor General of India. Which of the above statement is /are correct?

#2. Which of the following statement is /are incorrectly matched? 1. Charter act 1833- The act created for the first time of government of India 2. Charter act 1853- It created office of secretary of state for India 3. Government of India act 1858 – appointed Lord Canning as first viceroy of India Select correct answer using codes given below

#3. The portfolio system was introduced by:

#4. Which of the following is incorrect about Indian Council act 1909?

#5. Which of the following is not the feature of government of India act 1919?


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