Polity Daily Quiz 40


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#1. A member of the House would be disqualified under anti defection law if: 1. He voluntarily give up his membership of such political party on which he was elected. 2. An independent member of House joins any political party. 3. A nominated members joins any political party before the expiry of six months from the date he takes his seat in the House. Select correct answer using codes given below:

#2. Which of the following case the supreme Court has decided that the decision of the presiding officer in matter of disqualification on ground of anti-deflection can be challenged in high court or supreme court?

#3. Which of the following amendment has made provision to limit the size of council of ministers and to debar defectors from holding public offices?

#4. Consider the following statements with respect to election in India: 1. None of the above (NOTA) option was used in 2013 for the first time in general election to the states. 2. Exit polls has been allowed during the election of Lok Sabha and state legislature Which of the above statement is /are correct?

#5. Who of the following is the deciding authority in matter of disqualification on the ground of defection?


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