Polity Daily Quiz 37



Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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#1. Consider the following statements with respect to the central administrative tribunal (CAT). 1. In pursuance to article 323A, the parliament created administrative tribunals in 1985. 2. It was for providing speedy and in expensive justice to the aggrieved Public servants. 3. The central administrative tribunal has 17 regular benches, 15 of which operates at principal seats of high courts and remaining two at Jaipur and luck now. Select correct answer using codes given below:

#2. The central administrative Tribunal (CAT) 1. Set up in 1985 with the principal bench at Delhi 2. It is a multi-member body consists of chairman and members 3. The members are drawn from administrative streams only 4. They are appointed by The President Select correct answer using codes given below

#3. The central administrative tribunal: 1. Is not bound by the procedure laid down in the civil procedure code 1908. 2. It is guided by principle of natural justice 3. The appeal against the orders of CAT could be made only to Supreme Court Select correct answer using codes given below

#4. Consider the following statements about the administrative tribunals: 1. The state administrative tribunals (SAT) can be established by state government 2. The chairman and members of SAT are appointed by The President in consultation of the Governor of the state 3. Joint administrative tribunals (JAT) be set up for two or more states by the Parliament Select correct answer using codes given below:

#5. Which of the following statement correctly depicts the difference between the tribunals created under the provision of article 323 A and article 323 B? 1. Article 323 A contemplates establishment of tribunals for public services matters only whereas article 323 B contemplates tribunals for other matters 2. While tribunals under article 323 A can be established by the Parliament only, tribunals under article 323 B can be established both by Parliament and state legislature Select correct answer using codes given below


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