Polity Daily Quiz 35


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#1. The constitutional provisions dealing with the language of the courts and legislations are: 1. All proceeding in supreme Court and high Court are in English only 2. The authorisations of all the bills, acts, ordinances of the central government are in English only 3. The official language act lays down Hindi translation of acts, order published under the authority of president are deemed to authoritative text. Select correct answer using codes given below

#2. The eighth schedule of the constitution: 1. Specifies 22 languages 2. Originally 14 languages were included in eighth schedule 3. Bodo, Dogri, maithali and santhali was added by 91st amendment act Select correct answer using codes given below.

#3. The official language act (1963) provided for setting up of committee of parliament on official language to review the progress made in use of Hindi for the official purpose of union. Consider the following statement in this context? 1. The committee consists of 30 members. 2. 20 members from Lok Sabha and 10 members from Rajya Sabha. 3. As a convention union home minister has been elected chairman of the committee from time to time. Select the correct answer using the codes given below

#4. Which of the following is not a classical language?

#5. which of the following declared the first classical language in India?


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