Polity Daily Quiz 30



Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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#1. Which of the following deals with the functions of controls of National Human Right Commission? 1. To intervene in any proceeding involving allegations of violation of human rights pending before Court. 2. To visit jails and detention places to study the living conditions of inmates and make recommendation there on. 3. To review the factors including the acts of terrorism that inhibit the enjoyment of human rights. Select correct answer using codes given below.

#2. The National Human Right Commission: 1. Is empowered to enquire into any matter of violation of Human rights after the timing of one year from the date of constituting act. 2. It may approach the supreme court or the high court concerned for the necessary directions, orders or writs. 3. It may recommend to the concerned government or authority to make payment of compensation or damages to the victim. Select correct answer using codes given below.

#3. Which of the following statement is not correct in the context of central information commission?

#4. The Chairman and member of the Chief information Commission are appointed by the President on the recommendations of the committee consisting of: 1. Prime Minister 2. The Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha 3. A union cabinet minister nominated by the Prime Minster 4. Speaker of Lok Sabha Select the correct answer using codes given below:

#5. The salary, allowances and service conditions of the Chief Information commissioner is similar to that of?


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