Polity Daily Quiz 29


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#1. Consider the following statement in the content of NITI Ayog. 1. NITI ayog was established as a successor of planning commission. 2. It was created by an act of parliament. 3. Its policy approach is based on bottom-up approach Select correct answer using codes given below

#2. The composition of NITI ayog is as follows: 1. The prime minister of India as the chair person. 2. Chief minister of all the states, chief minister of union territories with legislature and Lt.Governors of other union territories. Select the correct answer using codes given below:

#3. Which of the following statement is not correct about National Human Rights Commission?

#4. Consider the following statement about National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). 1. The Chairman and members of NHRC hold office for a term of five years or until they attain the age 70 years. 2. The Chairman and members are eligible for further employment under Central or State government Which of the above statement is/are correct?

#5. The Chairman and members of National Human Rights Commission are appointed by a committee consists of: 1. Prime Minister 2. Leaders of Opposition in both house of Parliament 3. Speaker of Lok Sabha 4. Finance Minister Select correct answer using codes given below


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