Polity Daily Quiz 28


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#1. . In which of the following is do not constitutes the report of CAG submitted to the presidents?

#2. Which of the following statements is incorrect relating to the CAG?

#3. Consider the following statement regarding Attorney General of India. 1. The article 75 of the constitution provides for the office of the Attorney General of India. 2. He is the highest law officer of the country. 3. He must be a person who is qualified to be appointed a judge of supreme court. 4. The term of office of attorney general is five years. Which of the above statements is/are correct?

#4. Which of the following do not constitutes the duty of Attorney-general?

#5. In the performance of the official duties, the Attorney General: 1. Has the right to audience in all courts in India. 2. He has right to speak and take part in the proceeding of both the house of parliament. 3. He has right to vote in both house of parliament. 4. He enjoys all privileges and immunities that are available to the members of parliament. Which of the above statement is/are correct?


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