Polity Daily Quiz 21


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#1. Who of the following notify ‘village’ for the purpose of local self-government.

#2. Which of the following institution involve with the urban government. 1. Ministry of urban development. 2. Ministry of defence 3. Ministry of home affairs. Select correct answer using codes given below.

#3. The system of urban local government was constitutionalized through.

#4. In the context of Municipal governance, consider the following statements: 1. The first Municipal Corporation was set up in Madras. 2. Lord Ripon is considered as the father of local self- government. Which of the above statement is/are correct?

#5. The constitution envisages three types of municipalities, consider the following statements in this context: 1. A Nagar Panchayat in a transitional area from rural to Urban. 2. Municipal corporation in smaller urban area. 3. Municipal council for larger area. Select the correct answer using codes given below.


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