Polity Daily Quiz 20


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#1. There are some voluntary provisions, left to the legislature of state relating to the panchayati Raj institutions which of the following provision is not correct in this context.

#2. Provision of the panchayats ( Extension to schedule Areas) Act (PESA) has given enormous power to the gram sabha, in this context consider the following statements. 1. Prior recommendation of gram sabha or panchayat is required to grant licences or mining lease for minor minerals in schedule areas. 2. Gram sabha will approve the plans, programs and projects for social and economic development before they are taken up for implementation. 3. Gram sabha has power to enforce prohibition or regularise sale and consumption of any intoxicant. 4. The ownership of major forest produce. Which of the above statement is/are correct.

#3. The local government is mentioned in the state list in which of the following schedule.

#4. Which of the following state do not has schedule areas. 1. Jharkhand 2. Bihar 3. Punjab 4. Madhya Pradesh 5. Karnataka Select correct answer using codes given below.

#5. Which of the following committee recommended constitutional status to panchyati Raj institutions.


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