Polity Daily Quiz 18


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#1. Which of the following committee suggested to organise two tier system Panchayat Raj.

#2. In the context of Panchayati Raj system, consider the following statements: 1. The creation of three tier structure of panchayati raj is based on the recommendation of Balwant Rai Mehta Committee. 2. Creation of Mandal panchayat was suggested by Ashok Mehta Committee. 3. Gujarat was first state to establish panchayati raj system Which of the above statement is/are correct?

#3. which of the following is not correct about 73rd constitutional amendment act:

#4. the 73rd amendment act provides for: 1. Creation of Gram Sabha. 2. Three tier system of panchyat. 3. All members of panchayat shall be directly elected by people. 4. Reservation of seats for schedule caste and schedule tribes to one-third of their population. Select the correct answer using codes given below.

#5. The state finance commission:. 1. Constituted by the president in consultation with state government. 2. It recommends grants in aid to panchayats from consolidated fund of state. 3. It determines the taxes, duties, tolls, and fees that may be assigned to panchayats. Select the correct answer using codes given below.


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