Polity Daily Quiz 17


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#1. consider the following statement in the context of National Legal Service Authority (NALSA). 1. It is constituted to provide free legal aid to the poor and weaker sections. 2. It is created under the provision article 39A of the constitution. Which of the above statement is/are incorrect?

#2. The institution of Lok Adalat has got huge significance, consider the following statement in this context: 1. Lok Adalat is a forum where the case pending in a court are compromised or settled in a amicable manner. 2. Lok Adalat has been given statutory status. 3. Lok Adalat has the power of civil and criminal courts. 4. No appeal shall lie to any court against the award of Lok Adalat Which of the above statement is/are incorrect?

#3. consider the following statements in the context of Gram Nyayalayas: 1. Gram Nyayalaya is a mobile court. 2. It exercise the power of both civil and criminal courts. 3. The presiding officer shall be appointed by the state government in consultation with high court. Which of the above statements is/are correct.

#4. Local self government in India was constituted by.

#5. Which of the following committee was constituted by government of India to examine the working of Community Development Program (CDP) and National Extension Service (NES).


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