Polity Daily Quiz 15


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#1. Who of the following is authorised to create and abolish legislative council.

#2. the state legislative council has the equal power with the state legislative assembly in the following manner. 1. selection of ministers including chief ministers. 2. approval of ordinance issued by governor. 3. in the matter of passage of budget. 4. Consideration of reports of state finance commission. Select correct answer using codes given below:

#3. Which of the following signifies the lesser role of legislative council vis-à-vis legislative assembly. 1. The council can only discuss budget but cannot vote on it. 2. In case of ordinary bill, the council can utmost delay a bill for four months. 3. The council has no role in selection of ministers. Select the answer using codes give below.

#4. which of the following state has least number of member in legislative assembly?

#5. Which of the following statement is/are correctly matched? 1. Bill reserved for consideration by governor—article 201. 2. Abolition of creation of legislative council in states—article 168. 3. Power of governor to promulgate ordinance – article 213. Select the correct answer using codes given below.


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