Polity Daily Quiz 07


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#1. with reference to Budget which of the following is correctly matched? 1. Vote of credit------ granted for meeting on unexpected demand 2. Exceptional grant ---------- made available by appropriation for new services. 3. Token Grant --------- made available by re-appropriation for a new service Select the correct answer using the code given below.

#2. the Parliament make laws in a skeleton form and authorities the executive to make detailed rules and regulations within parent laws. It is called as:

#3. In which of the following condition parliament can make laws on the subjects enumerated in the state list. 1. During all the emergency. 2. When Rajya Sabha passes resolution to that effect 3. To give effect to international agreements and treaties. 4. When two or more states makes a joint request to the Parliament. Select the correct answer using codes given below.

#4. Which of the following is/are the measures of control by the parliament over executive? 1. Prorogation 2. Question hour 3. Censure motion 4. Budget enactment 5. Adjournment sine die. Select the correct answer using codes given below.

#5. Through which of the following measures, the parliament control finances of the executive. 1. No reserve funds can be built without authorisation of parliament. 2. Through the enactment of budget 3. Scrutinisation by financial committees. Select the correct answer using the codes given below


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