Modern Indian History Quiz 11


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#1. In the context of modern history, the cause of surat split was/were? 1. Differences between moderate and extremist over the matter of swadeshi movement. 2. The difference between English and the Indians over the issue of partition of Bengal 3. The difference between moderates and extremist over the choice of president of the congress. Select correct answer using codes given below:

#2. After the surat split, which of the following extremist leader was sent to mandaly jail.

#3. Consider the following statement: 1. The all India Muslim League was setup in 1906 at Decca as an anti-congress front 2. The swadeshi movement could not continue for long because of the ideological differences between moderates and extremists nationalists. Which of the above statements is/are correct.

#4. Who propagate the Ganapathi and Shivaji Festivals to popularise swadeshi movement.

#5. Who was president of Indian National congress when swadeshi resolution was passed in 1905?


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