Modern Indian History Quiz 03


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#1. . Which of the following power in India could have been the successor of Mughals had British not established their supremacy in India?

#2. Nadir shah, the Persian emperor invaded India and took away the famous peacock throne and Kohinoor diamond during the period of which of the following Mughal ruler?

#3. Why Panipat was a famous battle field in the history of India: 1. It has strategic location and flat ground. 2. Proximity to delhi 3. Monsoon rainfall is short. 4. Artisans/smith experts in making warfare related materials. Which of the above statement is/are correct?

#4. Which of the following reason is/are causes for decline of Mughal Empire in India? 1. Rise of regional aspirations like marathas. 2. Jagirdari syaytem. 3. Powerfull successor of Aurangazeb. Select the correct answer using code given below.

#5. Who was not the party of the battle of Buxer?


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