Modern Indian History Quiz 02


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#1. Which was the first Portuguese fort built in India?

#2. Before the show of naval power by the Europeans, which of the following Indian Kingdom has strong naval power.

#3. The English Secured ‘farmaans’ of trading in India by which of the following Ruler.

#4. With respect to modern history, consider the following statement. 1. The famous Carnatic war was fought between English and French in India. 2. Robert clive defeated mir jaffar in battle of plassy. 3. After the defeat from English, the Dutch mainly concentrated on Indonesian Island. Which of the above statement is/are correct?

#5. . Which of the following is/are the reason for British maintaining supremacy over other European powers in India. 1. Advanced and largest naval power 2. Early industrial revolution. 3. Stable government in Britain. 4. Zeal for spreading their religion. Select the correct answer using codes given below:


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