How to read The Hindu Newspaper for UPSC / IAS – Civil Services Exam

One of the important segments of Civil Services preparation is daily Newspaper Reading. News Paper reading is not only important from the perspective of CSE but also to keep oneself abreast with recent developments in and around the world & overall personality development. Civil Services Exam (CSE) checks the candidate knowledge on various matter of national and international importance. If you have gone through the previous year question papers, you would realise many questions are asked on current affairs both in prelims & mains. Hence, the importance of current affairs is very significant at all the stages of CSE, be it Prelims, Mains and of course Personality test. So, one has to be really well versed with the current affairs. That’s why  Reading Newspaper, becomes all the more important to keep oneself updated. Reading newspaper also improves yours vocabulary, communication skills, formulating balanced judgement etc. But more important is, how to read, better to study newspaper, to gain maximum advantage in your exam? 

Here are certain tips to help you read newspaper:

1. Which newspaper to choose for CSE?

The most recommended newspaper for CSE is ‘The Hindu’. This newspaper provides more of information, knowledge, Opinion relevant to the exam rather than entertainment or masala news.

2. How many newspapers to read?

No need to go through many newspapers, just if you cover one newspaper, that is The Hindu, that will be more than sufficient. You can supplement the information about current affairs from magzines like Yojna, Kurishetra, Press Information Bureau and various Ministry’s website.

3. How much time to devote to Newspaper?

Since the syllabus for UPSC is very vast and you have to cover Basics like NCERT Books, advanced reference books, study materials and so on. 

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So, you have to meticulously plan your day so that you give adequate attention to each & everything. Therefore, you should be able to cover relevant material in newspaper in not more than one hour. 

It won’t come suddenly, but with sincere practice and knowledge of what to focus and what not to focus in newspaper you will able to cover newspaper in one hour or maximum one and half hour.

Keep a copy of UPSC syllabus with you while reading newspaper, it will guide you properly what to focus upon and what not. You can find the keywords mentioned in the syllabus like judicial review, fiscal and monetary policies, disaster management, cyber security etc, focus on the news related to the topics mentioned in syllabus.

4. What to focus in Newspaper?

• Concentrate on the government policies, schemes, etc
• Legislative proposals, their discussions, concerns
• Important committees, their recommendation
• Supreme court and High courts judgements
• News related to Fiscal and Monetary Policies
• International agreements, Visits of important dignitaries, UN bodies, agreement on climate change etc.

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5. What not to focus in Newspaper?

• No need to focus on political news, like who said to whom and what
• State or regional news unless it is of national importance
• General Sports news
• Entertainment news etc 

6. Page wise analysis on newspaper ‘The Hindu’

Page 1 – The first page contains the breaking news, so read the first page
Page 2-5 – contains the regional news which can be skipped
Page 6-8 – contains state news which can be skipped
Page 9- deals with national news, which may include some legislative proposals, some breakthrough in Science and Technology etc, so it is important
Page 10 – Editorial, the most important page, read it very carefully. There 4 articles on the editorial page which provides detail analysis of important issues of current importance. It helps in developing analytical approach, building opinion, providing solution to the problem discussed etc, so it is very important to formulate opinion, which would be helpful in mains as well as in interview. This page also contain letter to the Editor, so you can read to appreciate varied viewpoints.
Page -11, it contains open editorial, where some important issues would be discussed by eminent person. See if the issue is relevant to the exam, read it.
Page 12-13, contains news in general, and some continuance of national news, so read only important issue and news of political nature must be skipped.
Page 14 – it deals with world affairs. Read only important issue like any international agreement with India, visit of any foreign dignitaries to India or Indian dignities abroad, what’s happening in neighbouring countries and its implication on India etc.
Page 15-16 – deals with business news. So, focus on important issues like fiscal and monetary policy, growth parameters, socio- economic issues like on education, poverty, health etc.
Page 17-till last page – deals with sports, can be skipped
• Thursday edition mainly deals with Science and technology – so must focus on it.

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